Great Clothing Deals – Also Known as: My Dad and Step-Mum Spoiled the Baby and Me Rotten

As I said earlier in the week, my Step-mum and I went to the outlets to check out deals on clothing.  Unfortunately, we came up against the fact that, since we don’t know the gender of the baby yet, it’s hard to buy clothing, on sale or not!  Everything is either girl or boy!  Even gender neutral colors seem to sing out a gender by the pictures printed on them: a bumble bee with eyelashes; something sportsy, etc.  So even though we did look at lots of baby stores, we didn’t purchase anything.

Today we went to the Winchester Mall, which wasn’t too exciting.  After going to the mall, we decided to go check out TJ Maxx… and hit the gender neutral motherload!

One shot of the TJ Maxx haul!

Another shot – though the teddy bear and clothing that is not in this pile are not from TJ Maxx.

Good haul?  Absolutely!  Then we went over to Target…  Target really didn’t have a great selection, unfortunately.  While there was a lot of cute outfits, most of them were very obviously either boy or girl.  Still, we found some hats, gloves, and a precious Teddy Bear that plays songs, womb noises, and nature sounds.

Lastly, we hopped over to Kohl’s for their baby clothing sale.  Here we found more Carter’s brand and more super cute gender neutral clothing, sleep sacks (so soft!), and socks/booties!!
I love the moo cow outfit!
Mommy and Daddy loves me!

All in all, we got 6 washcloths, 6 hats, 3 hooded towels, 5 receiving blankets, 4 pairs of mittens, 8 pairs of socks, duckie booties, 2 sleep sacks, 4 gowns, 8 stretchies with feet, 2 sleep + plays, 7 onsies, 2 two-piece outfits (pants and a long sleeved shirt), 1 blanket, 1 teddy bear, and 6 bibs!

They are an arrangement of sizes anywhere from NB/0 to 9 mos.  All in all, we saved $86+ at Kohls and $120+ at TJ Maxx!!!  Now I just need the baby! =)  Thank you, Gigi and Drampy!!!
Jamie Webster

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