When your child’s safety becomes less of a priority than how long summer break is.

“I’m sorry, when a child’s safety becomes less of a priority than how long summer break is or isn’t, then we have a problem…” states one concerned parent from Morill, Maine.

As a parent, nothing is more important to me than my child’s safety.   Sure, I hate snow days just as much as the next parent. Being stuck inside most of the day with young kids, suffering from cabin fever isn’t fun.   Going to school until July isn’t fun.   Having to use all your vacation/sick time in the first three months of the year, also isn’t much fun. But getting into a car accident on your way to bring your child to school or something worse happening?

Some schools will tell you if it’s bad weather and they don’t cancel school, but you are concerned about your child’s safety, to call out and they will not hold the absence against your child. While this can be reassuring, I could care less whether my child’s report card says they missed X amount of days. What I’m more concerned about is my child falling behind in school because school was in session when it shouldn’t have been. Or the fact that it makes me question my instincts, am I being overprotective and silly? I mean I do live in Maine. I should expect bad weather, right?

As of 9:33AM, there have been multiple accidents today. Notably would be the one on I-95 where more than 40 cars have been involved in an accident. A school bus is also involved in this accident and many are in need of medical attention.


State Police Photo



A picture taken by Peggy Leonard who was able to get out of her car and snap this photo.


But school is still in session.


As a mother who was involved in an accident this AM with their 2 year old in the car (We are fine), I’m appalled at schools for making the wrong decision this morning.  Shame on you!  The most important thing needs to be our children’s safety, not how long summer break is. The politics of deciding on a missed day of school need to be based on the condition of the roads. I pray that there are no lost lives or major injuries in the accident on 95 and no children were harmed on their way to school today.


Chime in to let us know you are safe and well. If you’ve been in an accident due to trying to get your child to school, please, let your school administration know and tell them that the only thing that should matter is our children’s safety.

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