3 ways to make a busy mom’s life easier

Being a working mom with two children who have a 6 year age difference, I find most of my husband and my time goes to chasing and entertaining them. Between homework, potty training, and the other fun parts of parenting life, there is sometimes little time to dedicate to ourselves and our physical and mental health.


Gotta make time for silly selfies!

However, I have stumbled upon 3 things recently that have saved my life (specifically the first one)!

-Mason Jars –

 IMG_20150609_083054Organization is the key.   While I might have “ideas” or “plans” to eat breakfast, I have found that even if I buy eggs, muffins, oatmeal, etc., I rarely eat breakfast. So while my intention is there, there is no follow through. Why? Because at 6am, I am half dead, scrolling idly through the news because I am not awake to do much else, only to find that I have wasted 30 mins, and now need to cram a bunch of stuff into the next 10 before I run out the door. If you get up in the morning and are organized, adhering to a schedule, then kudos for you. But like many busy moms out there, I just don’t have the time. Enter in the Mason jars. I hate Tupperware. I get that I could use Tupperware, but I’ve found that Tupperware cracks easily, is always missing the right freaking lid, AND tends to leak in my bag. It also takes up way too much room in my cupboards, fridge, and bag. However, these little Mason Jars do the trick! You can put anything in these things, they stack on top of each other in the fridge, are easy to toss in your purse, and don’t leak! Once a week, I make something in the Crockpot for lunches to put in the mason jars (this week is my Chicken Chili). If I want to switch it up and not have the same thing every day, I make salads or even Shepherd’s pie to put in them. I make overnight oats for breakfast (my fave is the maple blueberry oats), and cut up a melon or fresh fruit for a snack. Grab 3 Mason jars, and my lunch is packed!

-A Planner –


This is the planner I personally use.

And I mean a decent planner. None of those tiny little things. Get one of those big notebook things. That way you can break down what you need to do for the week into daily obtainable (not overwhelming) tasks. It also allows you to take a few minutes and look back at what you have accomplished over the last few months. Never forget a birthday party (or a birthday in general) again! –Optional – techie? Use Google Calendar as your planner if you are always on your phone or computer – personally, I’m so use to ignoring notifications on my phone, that this is only helpful if I NEED to remember something (like, don’t forget to make overnight oats tonight).

-Make a daily list –


….but I just bought that planner…. The planner should never leave your desk or counter, where ever you choose to leave it (though you could potentially bring it in your bag to work). The daily list is exactly that – specific items that must be done today. That way you have that list, can jot it down, save it in your phone, whatever, to make sure you don’t overlook things that need to be completed ASAP. I know as I move through my day, my confidence and self worth is restored as I see the progress I am making. Also you have less of that jumbled feeling of “Am I forgetting something” draining you of your positive energy. By planning ahead with the planner, you know what’s coming up and can manage things easier. (Note to self: Birthday party on Saturday so need to pick up a gift this week. Review calendar. Best day for that will be Friday afternoon.) Bam.

PS: For those following for my Sophie’s Universe CAL progression – here is the end of Part 6:


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