And then life happens: updating your goals

As time goes by, sometimes we achieve goals and sometimes, things happen that elongate those goals.  Those goals don’t go away, though sometimes they grow into something different, or you find that the time table has changed for you.

I turn 31 in less than a week which has led me to go back to my December post and really look at what I’ve accomplished so far.  So much has happened this year.  It’s been a fantastic year for my family and I, and I feel blessed that we have had very little heartbreak.

Previously, in December, when I wrote my post, I was heartsick.  Being a working mother, I had not been blessed with the best schedule.  So with a 2 hour daily commute, and my work schedule being from 9:45a to 6:45p (in a job where, I didn’t always get to clock out at 6:45p) I was rarely home before 8p and typically left the house by 8:30a.   But I have a great job, with people I love, and fantastic benefits, something I couldn’t give up if I wanted to provide for my family.  This was the career I had and there was a lot of room to grow.  I worked hard and in April, my hardwork paid off and I found myself accepting a role with an 8 to 5 M-F schedule, and being able to work about 8 days a month from home.

I am now able to be home for dinner everyday and get to spend a lot more time with my daughter who only is with us during the week (so coming home at 8pm gave us no time to spend together).  And I feel this is the biggest win of the year.

And I am so happy.

I am closer to finishing my books edits.  3 chapters left to edit.


But then life happened, and I am excited to announce that we are expecting our third (and final) addition to our little family:


So while it’s not the time to STOP exercising (fitness/activity is important to a healthy pregnancy), it’s probably not a reasonable time to be trying to attain personal bests.

That being said – my health/fitness goals are going to have to be updateded a bit, not that I won’t still achieve these goals, but they maybe a year or so out.

So I have updated my post from December.  You can find it here.

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Just your average blogger. Married 2 years with two wonderful children who are 6 years apart. Little about me: I’m turning 31 this year (yikes), have had 9 foot surgeries in 8 years and have spent a little over 4 years of my life in and out of a wheel chair (or scooter). And today, I am training for a half marathon. I attribute two major changes in my life to my healing: the power of goal setting and going gluten free.