Dream Big, Plan Small 2015 – Final

So in September, I updated my goals (specifically my fitness goals) after finding out (and announcing) that we would be expecting a third child.

It has been a more “challenging” pregnancy than my previous pregnancy in 2012/2013.  Actually, other than the fact that we are having another boy, it has been the complete polar opposite.  Previously, I was exhausted while this pregnancy I’ve battled morning sickness from Week 6 to today (26 weeks) and I’m sure it’ll continue to be on-going.

I didn’t complete all 30 of my goals, mainly because some are on-going and some I will be carrying into the new year (stay tuned to a later post Dream Big, Plan Small 2016.

Health/Fitness Goals:

– I had to update these (as stated above) in September due to my pregnancy.  I had hoped to still be able to stay with my fitness regiment – however, due to the extreme morning sickness, I wasn’t able to complete these.  That being said – I do plan on carrying some of these over for after the R is born to get back to my previous fitness level/recover from pregnancy.  Goals 5 out of 10 met.

Professional Goals:

– I probably made the biggest dent and had the most success in this category.  In 2015, I took a new position at my job, something that was exactly what I was looking for in an Independent Contributor role.  I reached the next level of my career at work which restored a lot of my professional confidence. While I didn’t finish the edits on my book, I truly only have 3 chapters left to edit (which will be something I focus on heavily in the first quarter of 2015).  I used a great planner to really help me focus on these goals that I definitely suggest if you are looking for a way to break down your goals and stay on track. Goals 8 out of 10 met.

Personal Development Goals:

– I spent a lot of time really honing my skills in crocheting.  Finding a passion, something that I love doing, that helps manage my free time and is a lot of fun, was something I was thankful for finding in 2014.  In 2015, I followed a CAL (crochet along), learned tons of new stitches, new patterns, and made so many fun things.  I started a little etsy shop and even made sales!  I would say that goals 6 out of 10 were definitely met while two other ones (being present for my children and validating my family) I made great headway on but are definitely ones where I think I can always grow more.




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