So you want to be a runner?

Seen all those fun pictures on Facebook of people covered in color?  Dying to give one of those Zombie runs a try, but terrified that you’ll have a zombie feasting on your insides within 10 minutes?  Do you just want to be able to run to the mailbox without getting winded?

All three of these were me once upon a time.  I had had 9 foot surgeries (10 at this point in my life) and had never thought I would be able to run.  Hell, there were days I wasn’t even sure I would be able to walk.  You can read more about this journey here.  But I did it.  I found the C25k program, completed it and got to run in color races and even managed to complete a zombie race with my life intact (well sort of).



A little bloody, but hey we made it.


But then…

My second pregnancy was not kind to me.  While it gave me a beautiful baby boy, it also took my weight to 199lbs+ (biggest I’ve ever been).  And while this was disheartening (especially since all I ever did was throw up so I’m not even sure how I gained all this weight), my doctors kept telling me to ignore the little bird inside my head that was fixated on back fat and fat rolls.

Fast forward to eight weeks after birth.  I’ve dropped 30lbs of the gained weight but since I haven’t done any sort of exercise since August of 2015, I’ve found that my endurance levels have tanked majorly.  Running for a minute seems like a chore and I am not in love with my post-pregnancy body.

So I made the decision to restart the C25k program, which lets face it, as a new mother with a 2 month old, was a major decision.  But if I can do it, so can you.  I’ve decided to chronicle my (second) C25k journey here.  Feel free to take the journey with me.  I’ll walk through each day, show my results, gear, and rantings.  Before you know it, I’ll be back to running 5ks, and so will you!

Jamie Webster

About Jamie Webster

Just your average blogger. Married 2 years with two wonderful children who are 6 years apart. Little about me: I’m turning 31 this year (yikes), have had 9 foot surgeries in 8 years and have spent a little over 4 years of my life in and out of a wheel chair (or scooter). And today, I am training for a half marathon. I attribute two major changes in my life to my healing: the power of goal setting and going gluten free.